portraitWelcome to Jigsaw Genealogy!
Jigsaw Genealogy has provided genealogical supplies to researchers for almost twenty years. Located in historic Williamsburg, Virginia, Jigsaw Genealogy is your source for wall-sized pedigree charts, forms, worksheets, research kits, archival-safe photo storage materials, genealogy software, state maps, magnifiers, and other necessities either online or at genealogy conferences and events in the mid-Atlantic region.

puzzlePieceMary Beth Dalton has been a genealogist for twenty-five years and specializes in Virginia research (though her own family never included a Virginian until she married one in 2004). Mary Beth has also taught a wide range of classes, multi-session courses, and workshops for beginner and intermediate-level researchers in libraries, college classrooms and genealogical societies around the state.

After a decade-and-a-half at William & Mary Law School, Mary Beth has recently retired and is adjusting to that new lifestyle. She plans to get back to teaching and researching for clients but right now is taking some time to work on her own family’s genealogy and that of her husband’s, both of which were sorely neglected for many years.

Due to COVID-19 and the fact that many genealogy conferences and events are being cancelled or rescheduled, we won’t have the chance to see you in person for a while, but we’ll do our best to keep you informed of new products and discounts through our quarterly newsletters and our new Facebook page. Please “like us,” follow us, and share us with your friends!


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“I bought your Cemetery Kit today at the VGS Fall Conference. I have been looking through it. What treasure trove of information.”

Robin Comfort

“Owners, Mary Beth and Garland, were extremely accommodating in helping me find the correct archival box for my family bible. It took considerable time and effort to track down the size I needed. I always enjoy visiting their booth at conferences as they have the best kits and other items to tempt me.”

Pat Rollston
Richmond, VA

“Jigsaw Genealogy has several kits to assist genealogists from beginners to the well-seasoned researcher.”
Chris Garner
Petersburg, VA

"I am delighted to have discovered Jigsaw Genealogy! It is a top-notch company that provides high quality products and superior customer care. The kits and forms are excellent organizational tools. They are the perfect accessory for trips to the library, visits to family cemeteries, or online research. "
Annette H. Sipe
Grimesland, NC