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Jigsaw Genealogy has provided genealogical supplies to Virginia researchers for over fifteen years. Located in historic Williamsburg, Virginia, it is a source for wall-sized pedigree charts, forms, worksheets, research kits, archival-safe photo storage materials, and other necessities at genealogical conferences and events in the mid-Atlantic region.

puzzlePieceMary Beth Dalton has been a genealogist for twenty years and specializes in Virginia research (though her own family never included a Virginian until she married one in 2004). Mary Beth has also taught a wide range of classes, multi-session courses, and workshops for beginning and intermediate-level researchers in libraries, college classrooms and genealogical societies around the state.

Though still employed full-time at the College of William and Mary Law School, Mary Beth and her husband, Garland, have researched the DALTON family in courthouses, archives, libraries and historical/genealogical societies in Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana and Salt Lake City. With retirement (hopefully in 2019), Mary Beth plans to return to teaching, conducting research for clients and guiding research trips.


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“I have been researching my family tree for more than twenty years and the one thing I can honestly say that I learned from obtaining my “Courthouse Kit” from Jigsaw Genealogy is that I didn’t know much about how to gather, organize and document all my findings. The kit provided abstract sheets for Wills, Probate, Deeds, etc. I didn’t even know what an abstract was, even though I had many in my possession. There are many tools in this kit – gloves, erasable highlighter, protractor – to name a few. Jigsaw Genealogy has several kits to assist genealogists from beginners to the well-seasoned researcher, but if I had to recommend one, it would be the “Courthouse Kit” as your first kit.”
Chris Garner
Petersburg, VA

"I am delighted to have discovered Jigsaw Genealogy! It is a top-notch company that provides high quality products and superior customer care. The kits and forms are excellent organizational tools. They are the perfect accessory for trips to the library, visits to family cemeteries, or online research. ... The variety of products, including archival quality pens, photo and document sleeves, magnification tools, etc., is excellent. It is quite obvious that this business was created by genealogists for genealogists!"
Annette H. Sipe
Grimesland, NC